Singer/songwriter Paola Proctor manifests herself through art and performances, breathing life into the skills that mold her life’s journey.

First performing as a child in church choirs, Proctor discovered an innate talent and passion for music performance. Guided by world-class teachers and through classical singing and cello lessons, Proctor furthered her musical prowess.

Proctor draws inspiration from living and traveling in Europe and the Middle East. Her musical career includes performances with the Doha Community Orchestra for the Prince of Wales, the Youth Orchestra of the Middle East at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, and Florida All-State Choir with Gulliver Preparatory Academy.

While attending the University of Miami, Frost School of Music, she performed the National Anthem at collegiate sporting events and for the Miami Marlins. She also showcased at local events such as National Voice Day and The Young Artist Initiative.

Proctor soon relocated to Nashville, Tennessee to further her musical endeavors. Within three months, she sold her first copyright to a Fortune 500 company.

Released in spring 2018, Proctor’s single “Tongue Tied” was featured on Lightning 100’s evening show, The 615.

Proctor aspires to connect her personal experiences to her music, developing lyrics and melodies that transcend the traditional landscape.